Taking pictures of places

All around us there are all sorts of places we can photograph. Wherever you live in the world, you will be able to find many interesting locations. If you live in a city or town, you will know where the interesting buildings and monuments are. If you live near a park, forest, or seaside, you can find all kinds of beautiful plants and scenery.

houses at san diego harbor

The best part is, things change! In the autumn the leaves of the trees will turn golden, in the winter you could have snow, and in the spring you can capture the lively green colors as the plants bloom once again. Even cities change. During the summer you can see people outside, playing sports or just enjoying the sunshine at an outdoor café, and in the winter you might see beautiful decorations in the shop windows, ready for you to capture with your camera.

When you take pictures of places you want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Make sure that your picture is level. Nobody likes a crooked photograph. That being said, the horizon does not always need to be in the middle of the photo so feel free to experiment. Ask yourself, what is special about this place? If the sky is what you like the most, try fill the top two thirds of the photo with it. If you want to focus on the landscape, then fill the bottom two thirds of the photo with that.
  • Shoot something you find interesting. It could be an old tree, a bridge, a tall building, pretty much anything you like. When you shoot the photo, you can experiment with placing the subject in the center of the picture or to the side. Think about the picture as a whole and how it will look.
  • Remember that if it is very sunny your picture might not come out that great. Most people think that lots of sunshine is good for a photograph, but the truth is that when the weather is a bit cloudy, the camera is better at capturing colors correctly.

by Simon James Allanach, edited by Alan Frost
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